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WD Co-Auto ClickCash Terms & Conditions:

1. The WD Co-Auto ClickCash Program (the “Program”) is a reward program that is operated by WD Co-Auto with registered dealerships  (”Participant”). The Program operates only through the customer's Online ordering website The Program is the  property of WD Co-Auto.

2. WD Co-Auto will track a participating business’s eligible orders (does not include aftermarket products such as Xpel Paint Protection Film, P2 Undercoating, P2 Ultraliner, and P2 Graphene. The order must be placed online via, and once $2,000 (pre-tax price after any discounts) in cumulative spending is achieved, a$100 American Express Gift Card will be sent to the Participant.  Cumulative purchases commence after confirmation of the participant's registration by WD Co-Auto.

3. A monthly update of the cumulative spending will be sent to the  Participant. If a Participant has an issue or there is a discrepancy with  the cumulative spending tally, the Participant has 30 days from the  date of the monthly update to contact WD Co-Auto in writing and  report on the matter; after 30 days from the date of a respective report , any respective amount of cumulative spending appearing in relation  to that transaction in WD Co-Auto’s internal database that has  not been questioned by the Participant will be deemed final and  will not be changed regardless of the circumstances.

4. WD Co-Auto, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to take any action  or make any decision that in its sole opinion preserves the program's  integrity.

5. In the event of returns and/or exchanges, the dollar amount will be  deducted from the Participant’s cumulative account.

6. Participants agree to receive communications from WD Co-Auto.

7. Participants are responsible for notifying WD Co-Auto of any changes  in their member profile information such as mailing address , telephone numbers and e-mail address. Any consequences of  a failure to notify WD Co-Auto of any such changes are the responsibility  of the Participant. To update information, Participants are  to contact WD Co-Auto in writing. WD Co-Auto is not liable for misdirected  communications such as mail, telephone or email communications , or any consequences resulting therefrom.

8. If events beyond WD Co-Auto’s control affect its ability to operate the Program, the Program may be suspended or terminated without notice, and WD Co-Auto may restrict or alter any aspect of the Program without notice at any time and for any reason, and in the event, any of the foregoing occurs WD Co-Auto will have no liability whatsoever to any Participant as a result thereof. WD Co-Auto shall be automatically released from all claims by Participants in respect of any Participants suspension,  termination, or any forfeiture of ClickCash, or in respect of any alteration, suspension or termination of the Program.

9. WD Co-Auto is not responsible for any errors or omissions of any kind , whether in these Terms and Conditions or as the result of any mechanical  or technological failure or whether as the result of any human  error whether by WD Co-Auto, its employees and agents or by  any other person.

10. These Terms and Conditions will be deemed to be amended   only when an authorized revision of these Terms and Conditions  is placed on WD Co-Auto’s website. WD Co-Auto at any time   may make enhancements or changes to the Program.

11. Failure to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions or any  violation, fraud, theft or abuse of the Program in any way may result  in forfeiture of all ClickCash and possible suspension and/or de-activation of the Participants ClickCash account without compensation , all the foregoing at the sole discretion of WD  Co-Auto and all without notice to the Participant.


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