WD Co-Auto supports dealership administration staff allowing them to focus on other activities. When dealing with WD Co-Auto you get a professional purchasing team working together with quality suppliers to ensure competitive prices for products used every day. We stock an array of products eliminating the need for high inventory costs at the dealership level.

"A rising tide raises all the boats" was born from the thought that by implementing great ideas, everyone is capable of prosperity. Our rising tide at Western Dealers Co-Auto is about our member’s prosperity, as well as a partnership. From Manitoba to British Columbia, we are owned by the franchised new car and truck dealerships of Western Canada. We offer products and services not supplied through vehicle manufacturers, providing the business what is needed, proactively and conveniently. It only makes sense: one phone call, one website, and one dealer buying group to keep costs where they should be. Both a tugboat and an ocean liner are lifted by a rising tide; whatever the dealership size, Western Dealers Co-Auto has unmatched benefits.

Core Purpose

Our Mission

Corporate Values

“PETT” stands for Productivity, Enthusiasm, Trusting Relationships, Teamwork