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We supply and ship Precut Kits for all makes and models! Window Tint, Head Light and Tail Light film also available.

Don't need a full kit? Film By The Foot is also available in Xtreme, 6200, 9300 and Ultimate series of material for custom applications, available in: 18", 24", 30", 36", 48" & 60"


Having all material on hand can be costly and a bit of a guessing game. We offer a full assortment of PPF Film as well as specialty films, to be ordered in as little as 5ft, to as much as 75ft.

Our process is simple.

Email in your order or request for pricing and have an answer back in minutes. Shipping is same day in certain situations. 

In stock, ready to cut.

  • 6200 - 6 mil non-topcoated
  • Xtreme - 8 mil non-topcoated
  • 9300 - 8 mil hydrophobic topcoat
  • Ultimate - 8 mil self-healing topcoat
  • Stealth - 8 mil self-healing satin finish


Ultraliner Spray-On Lining is the best protection for your bedliner application needs. Industry proven and until now applied only with expensive equipment; Ultraliner is the most economical solution to professional grade applications where an anti-skid, chemical resistant, abrasion proof lining is absolutely necessary.

Applications The Ultraliner 100% solids linings which are ideal for spray-on bedliners, 4x4's, restoration projects, trailers and containment area, flooring and industrial applications. The Ultraliner system is an easy solution for sprayed-on bedliner repairs and coating jobs.


Our Ultraliner program offers 3 different options to transfer and apply material.  We do our very best to help discuss, review and qualify the best machine for the intended purpose for each dealer program.  Because of the complexity of each system, we deliver the specifics at time of presentation and facility review. 

1. We have a low pressure hand-held cartridge system for the dealer(s) looking to spray bed liners in-house.  This is a low-cost option to enter the box liner business and recoup 3rd party costs. 

2. Our WD AD 6000 high pressure machines will enter to the next level with a higher cap cost but still less than the Graco Machine

3. Our top line and best model is a the Graco E-XP1 high pressure machine designed for the high-volume production facility


XPEL is one of the most trusted brands in the automobile protection industry and our XPEL PAINT PROTECTION FILMS provide the same unparalleled quality and warranty as the rest of our products. 

XPEL was born out of a true passion for automobiles and the driving experience. Each one of these products was designed with the uncompromising determination to achieve the best possible appearance, performance and longevity. 

XPEL uses state-of-the-art technology and research to bring you the highest level of quality. If you share our passion for unparalleled quality, you will find that the meticulous workmanship, testing and development that go into each product will exceed your expectations.


WD Co-Auto is proud to offer our Dealers a Program specific to Paint Protection Film. 

Our partnership with XPEL is important to us. The efforts put forth from their resources to focus on developing state-of-the-art film, patterns, software, and marketing tools has set new standards in this growing industry. 

Coupled with our Sales representatives across Canada, allows us unparalleled services for our Dealers that delivers; program information, set-up, product, training and after-sale service with minimal wait time.

The XPEL Design Access Program (DAP) Software is internet based and allows access to XPEL’s Pattern Libraries in real time, eliminating time consuming or tedious manual updates. With a plotter, 

kits can be produced on-demand without the need to inventory pre-cut products.